The Italian Restuarant in Dublin La Caverna in heart of Temple Bar

Discover the Finest Italian Restaurant in Temple Bar - Dublin

Welcome to La Caverna Restaurant and Wine Bar, the epitome of Italian dining in the heart of Dublin's renowned Temple Bar. Embraced by both locals and tourists, La Caverna offers an unforgettable culinary experience. As an Italian restaurant, we take immense pride in our extensive menu and an exceptional selection of wines, making every visit a delightful journey through Italy's flavors.

Whether you seek an intimate setting for a romantic meal, a vibrant atmosphere for family gatherings, or a place to indulge in the finest wines from Italy, La Caverna caters to all your preferences.

Our kitchen delights in serving you off-the-pier-fresh seafood, perfectly hand-cut beef filets, delectable homemade pasta, mouthwatering pizzas, and various other tempting dishes. Our acclaimed chefs are celebrated for their artful combinations of spices, sauces, and culinary finesse.

Come, dine, and experience the very best. La Caverna invites you to indulge in the magic of Italy right here in Temple Bar - Dublin.


A Welcoming Ambiance

Nestled in a charming historic building, La Caverna exudes an inviting and intimate ambiance. As you step inside, you are greeted by the warm glow of dimmed lights, exposed brick walls, and rustic wooden furniture. The decor creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Additionally, guests have the pleasure of indulging in the charming ambiance of our renowned 300-year-old Cellar Dining Room, a rare gem in the bustling city center. This intimate setting provides a tranquil escape to savor both exquisite meals and fine wines. Our dedicated sommelier has meticulously curated an extensive wine list, featuring the finest vintages from Italy and beyond. This offers guests the opportunity to embark on a delightful journey through Italy's vineyards, elevating their dining experience to unparalleled heights. 

Exquisite Cuisine

La Caverna is renowned for its exceptional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Led by a team of talented chefs, the restaurant takes pride in using the finest locally sourced ingredients to create a tantalizing array of dishes. From traditional Italian classics to innovative creations, the menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Start your culinary journey with an appetizer like the succulent Bruschetta al Pomodoro, featuring ripe tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil atop toasted bread. For the main course, indulge in the heavenly flavors of their homemade pasta dishes, such as the luscious Tagliatelle alla Bolognese or the delicate Risotto ai Funghi. Seafood lovers will delight in the freshness of the Grilled Salmon, while meat enthusiasts can savor the tenderness of the Fillet Steak. An extensive selection of Vegan and Vegetarian Options is also available, ensuring that every guest can find something to suit their palate.

Unforgettable Wine Selection

Complementing the delectable cuisine is La Caverna's extensive wine selection. The restaurant boasts an impressive cellar featuring an array of international wines carefully curated to enhance the dining experience. Whether you prefer a robust red, a crisp white, or a sparkling champagne, the knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer expert recommendations to perfectly pair your meal with the ideal wine selection.

Impeccable Service

At La Caverna, attentive and friendly service is a top priority. The passionate staff members go above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and well-cared for. Whether you need assistance in choosing a dish or have a special request, the attentive team is always ready to assist and make your dining experience truly memorable.


For those seeking a remarkable dining experience in Temple Bar, La Caverna Restaurant and Wine Bar is a must-visit destination. With its charming ambiance, exquisite cuisine, exceptional wine selection, and impeccable service, it captures the essence of Italian and Mediterranean dining in the heart of Dublin. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, or a special celebration, La Caverna promises to deliver an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave you longing to return time and time again.

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