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  • House White

    LA CAVERNA -Trebbiano - ITALY Per Glass €6.25 Per Half-Bottle €17.00 Per Bottle €21.50

    Crisp, clean & refreshing, a very pleasant quaffing wine that's easy to drink & goes with anything from fish to pasta

    PINOT GRIGIO - ITALY Per Glass €7.25 Per Half-Bottle €18.50 Per Bottle €24.90

    Light , crisp and dry, complete in every sense

    FRASCATI -ITALY Per Glass €8.50 Per Bottle €27.90

    Crisp and clean on the palate, an easy drinking wine.

  • House Red

    LA CAVERNA- Sangiovese - ITALY Per Glass €6.75 Per Half-Bottle €18.00 Per Bottle €23.00

    Lovely light, fruity red, yet still enough going on in the glass to warm the heart. Definitely recommended with pizza

    CABERNET - ITALY Per Glass €6.75 Per Half-Bottle €18.00 Per Bottle €23.00

    North Italian wine of a ruby colour. Fruity, semy-dry

    MERLOT - ITALY Per Glass €7.00 Per Half-Bottle €18.50 Per Bottle €24.00

    Ruby red in colour with a full and well balnced taste. Dry and full of body.

  • House Rose

    CERASUOLO D'ABRUZZO - ITALY Per Glass €6.90 Per Half-Bottle €19.50 Per Bottle €24.90

    Bouquet of ripe red fruit with nuances of flowers and spices


    Good Alcohol content, sweet lighyly sparkling, summery and fresh

  • Carafe

  • White

    Trebbiano d'Abruzzo - Miglianico - Abruzzo - Italy €21.90

     A very pleasant wine. It has brilliant yellow colour, intriguing notes of white flowers on the nose and a refreshingly dry palate.

    Chardonnay - DOC - Italy €23.90

    100% Chardonnay grapes. Straw yellow colour with slightly green tinge. Fresh and fruity nose with hints of golden delicious and pear. Dry, harmonious and elegant on the palate.

    Pecorino - IGT- Italy €25.90

    Pecorino grapes produced in the Abruzzo region. Bright straw yellow colour. Pleasant notes of fruit and flowers on the nose. Dry, harmonious and elegant with a subtle note of golden delicious on the palate.

    Frascati Superiore - Fontana di Papa - Lazio - Italy €26.50

     The Wine of the Popes”. Superb wine with straw yellow colour. The bouquet is fresh, elegant and fruity.

    Pinot Grigio - Doc Mastri Vernacoli - Italy €28.90

    100% Pinot Grigio grapes. Bright straw yellow colour. Intense and persistent nose with typically floral and fruity notes. Dry, fresh palate with great character and elegance.

    Sauvignon Blanc - Cavit - Trentino - Italy €29.90

    Pale golden yellow colour. Nose with hints of sage and elder flowers. Dry and delicate on the palate with a slightly acidic vein. 100% sauvignon blanc grapes.

    Regaleali - IGT - Italy €32.00

     Bright straw yellow colour with green reflections. Delicate and fruity with notesof apple, peach and pink grapefruit. To the palate it is pleasantly velvety, rich, intense and crisp. Highly recommended.

    Vermentino - S'Eleme - Sardegna - Italy €35.00

     Light straw yellow colour with green tinges. Intense bouquet with notes of apples, bitter almonds. To the palate is fresh, dry and mellow.

  • Red

    Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - Miglianico - Abruzzo - Italy €23.50

    This rounded, soft and pleasant Montepulciano has an intense and luminous red colour with violet hints and soft tannins. It goes well with bolognese sauce and grilled red meats.



    This rounded, soft and pleasant Montepulciano has an intense and luminous red colour with violet hints and soft tannins. It goes well with bolognese sauce and grilled red meats.


    Chianti - Gini - Cenaia - Italy €25.90

      Good Chianti fruits balanced by prominent reserve oaking.

    Nero D’Avola - Corte dei Mori - Sicilia - Italy €27.00

    Its bouquet has complex scents of red fruits and floral notes. Its colour is deep ruby red. Its taste is good structure, persistent and harmonious.

    Squinzano - Mottura - Puglia - Italy €29.90

    Deep ruby red in colour and a wide and gratifying taste enrich a wine of great appeal and complexity. 

    Primitivo Salento - Codici - Puglia - Italy €31.00

    Ruby red in colour with an intense and fruity bouquet and dry and harmonious taste. 

    Salice Salentino - Mottura - Puglia - Italy €32.90

    The colour is ruby red going a light garnet-orange after when matured. Ethereal smell, full bodied but also mellow taste. 

    Pinot Nero - Bottega Vinai - Trentino - Italy €34.90

     Ruby red with a good bouquet. Light with oaky liquorice after taste. 

    Barbera D'asti - Arione - Piemonte - Italy €37.00

    This is a very elegant wine, full-bodied with light and silky tannins think of ripe red cherries.  A fruity after taste with fleeting notes of vanilla.  

    Morellino di Scansano - Doga Clavule - Toscana - Italy €41.90

    Dark ruby red colour. The bouquet is intense and persistent with scents of sour black cherry, mulberry, liquorice and vanilla. The flavour is savoury, round, persistent and well orchestrated.


    Valpolicella Ripasso - Zi Ronda - Veneto - Italy €45.90

    This Valpolicella is re-fermented on the Amarone skins for 15 days. It has a strong ruby red colour with hints of violet. Well balanced, full bodied, velvet smooth, with harmonious and elegant tannins.


    Amarone - Redoro - Verona - Italy €80.00

    Considered to be one of Italy’s greatest wines, this unique wine, with a powerful structure has a deep red colour with garnet reflects. It is a wine with a great character aged for 4 years in a small Slavonia oak barrels.

    Brunello di Montalcino - Caparzo - Toscana - Italy €90.00

    Garnet red intense and brilliant. Penetrating bouquet, very full and varied, reminiscent of wild berries and vanilla. Dry, warm, well balanced in its austerity.

  • Dessert Wine

    PELLEGRINO - Passitto di Pantelleria - Italy Per Glass €4.50 Per Bottle €40.00
    Produced in Pantelleria Island, sweet dessert wine, golden yellow colour with amber reflections and persistent aroma, with hints of ripe, dried candied and tropical fruit.
  • Champange

    MOET - CHANDON - France €90.00

    The most loved Champagne in the world, Moet is the symbol of pleasure and splendour. The original luxury, bright fruitiness, seductive palate and elegant maturity.

    PROSECCO - Bianco di Seta - Italy €40.00
    Fragant extra dry sparkling wine, first class as an aperitif,excellent to drink a toast at the end of the meal.
    MOSCATO DOLCE - Italy €35.00

    A spumante wine made from the Moscato grape, with an aromatic and sweetish taste,which makes it a typically interesting sparkling wine.

  • Bar & Beverages

    Beers €4.95

    Heineken - draught-glass only

    Beers €5.00

    Perroni, Moretti, Moretti-Alcohol free, Krombacher, Guinness, Bulmers

    Beers €5.50


    Spirits/Aperitifs Per Glass €4.95

    Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Gin, Jameson Whiskey, Baileys, Amaretto, Tia Maria, Bulmers, Sambuca, Tequila

    Brandy Per Glass €5.50

    Hennessy Brandy, Italian Brandy

    Vodka Per Glass €5.50

    Smirnoff Ice

    Soft Drinks Per Glass €2.95

    Coke, Diet Coke, 7 UP, Orange Juice, Club Orange,Cranberry Juice

    Water €3.30

    Sparkling or Still